ShopAgorist - Like CraigsList, For Agorists

@ShopAgoristChannel on Telegram is like CraigsList for listing individual items, jobs and housing being offered or sought in exchange for non-banking system payment.
Usage information and a listing template, viewable on any web browser, is at

If you're not yet on Telegram, it's necessary to access the latest listings. To see what's going on there, you can see a recent backup (text and images) of @ShopAgorist . It's also linked within the IPFS backup of this entire site, safe from censorship by tyrants

You can also view a recent backup from Telegram of @AgoristMarket and @ShopAgoristChannel which are also linked within this site's IPFS backup.

Share @ShopAgoristChannel with our kindred spirits to help the Agora grow. Information viewable to everyone, on on any web browser, is at this shareable link