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Advertising for 3-months costs: two ounces of 999 silver bullion; $2.75 in pre-1965 silver coins (dimes, quarters and halves). Alternatively, cash or crypto in an amount equivalent to buying 2-oz of physical silver bullion paid with crypto at Roberts and Roberts

Special Discounts: Only 25 pre-1965 silver dimes for 3-months. Also, 10% off for payments in ARRR or XMR.

For 6 or 12 months, multiply the price by 2 or 4, respectively. Email to Freedom@Agorist.Market your website address to be linked and ad graphic which will be displayed 160px wide and no more than 220px tall . State in the email your preferred form of payment. We will reply with the information needed to complete the payment.

Crypto Accepted For Advertising (sellers can accept whatever they want)

ARRR Pirate Chain
BCH Bitcoin Cash
BTC Bitcoin
DGB DigiByte
DOGE Dogecoin
ETH Etherium
KMD Komodo
LTC Litecoin
XMR Monero
ZEC Zcash

We will rotate the ads occasionally so that everyone has their time at the top of the left or right sidebar.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement.