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Animal Artist
Providing: I Capture The Memories of Your Pets in Their Prime and Make Them Immortal. My Portraits Reflect the Connection that can Never Be Broken. If your pet has passed on, I transform your sadness into daily doses of joy. These Beautiful Pastel Pet Portraits are Filled with Life and Energy to Ensure all ​those Happy and Treasured Memories of the Time You Spent Together Will Last Forever and a Day.
Location: Web Based
Shipping: I ship worldwide from Victoria, Australia at cost of insured postage.
Payments: BTC, BCH, Monero, ETH and most other crypto on request.
Category: Art / Pets, Grooming and Supplies

Diamond Valley Companions
Providing: Knowledge, Main Coon cats, White Golden Retrievers
Contact: (951) 961-4913 or
Location: Murrieta, California, United States
Shipping: With you or with us. We'll figure it out together!
Payments: Crypto, cash.
Category: Pets

Spot-On Grooming
Providing: Professional Dog Grooming
     Call or text: (208) 323-9095
Location: Boise, Idaho, United States
Payments: cash, money order, barter
Category: Pets, Grooming and Supplies