Outdoor and Gardening

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Cape Foodscapes
Providing: Organic grown live plants, seeds, and roots
Contact: CapeFoodscapes.com/
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Free shipping frpm midwest to lower 48 USA
Payments: Anonymous bitcoin payment, or email to pay by gold/silver or cash
Category: Outdoor and Gardening

Earth Weavers Tree and Garden
Providing: Tree work, pruning for health and increased light, or removing limbs for safety of people and structures. Qualified for controlled lowering of limbs in tight spaces through proper rigging. As a climber, I can access any tree we can walk to. Tree removals and Planting. Available for assessment and garden design, including construction of Greenhouses. Able to work within a variety of budgets and specifications, from country rustic through high end finish work. Guidance for compost systems, general gardening insights and labor, and other homestead constructions such as chicken coops, rainwater collection systems, etc.
Contact: EarthWeavers.art
     Email earthweavers@protonmail.com
Location: Rhode Island, United States and New Hampshire, United States
Shipping: Service based, willing to travel for the right opportunities, especially New England, Washington or California.
Payments: Postal Money Orders, major Cryptocurrencies, silver, cash, trade, and combinations.
Category: Outdoor and Gardening / Construction and Demolition

Road to Autonomy e-zine
Providing: A free, online publication focused on all things autonomy - Self-Liberation, Self-Care, and Self-Sustaining
Contact: RTAmagazine.com
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Agorism Promoting Online Publications / Outdoor and Gardening / Food and Drink / Body Care