Internet Services

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Providing: Web Hosting
Location: Web based
Payments: Bitcoin and Other Crypto Currency
Category: Internet Services

AssistPro Services
Providing: Virtual Assistant Services
     Administrative assistant for a variety of businesses for over 30 years.
     I have experience working with: Spreadsheets, Wordpress, blogging, writing, editing, social media accounts, app testing, property management, short term rental management including staging, photography, listings, channel management, bookings, guest services and turnovers. Office assistance, data entry, and more!
Contact: Lisa Bowman
Telegram: @LisAgora / Call or text: 918-851-6210
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States and Web based
Payments: Cash, money order, BTC, trade/barter
Category: Clerical / Internet Services / Writing and Research

Banipal's Books
We re-sell digital books and create digital collections. By request - send title, author, edition, and we'll see if it's in stock. We can also convert e-books to more readable forms, OCR, and add your personal notes or materials.
Location: Web based
Payments: Bitcoin
Category: Books and Publications, Internet Services

Cryptohippie Secure Communications
Providing: The finest of privacy enhancing technologies for professional Internet users.
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Payments: money order or cash, Bitcoin, and gold or silver coins
Category: Internet Services

Contraband Joe Translations and Tutoring
Providing: English/Spanish document translation or proofreading of websites, manuals, pamphlets, legal docs, books. Interpretation. Language Tutoring for students and business people.
Contact: / / Telegram: @ContrabandJoe / Twitter: @ContrabandJoe or
Location: Web based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash in the mail, money order, physical or digital gift cards (Amazon, Whole Foods, etc.)
Category: Internet Services, Teaching and Tutoring, Clerical, Translating

Cybersecurity Services
Providing: Vulnerability scanning, security testing, OSINT services, education, training and more.
Passive Security Scan = USD $35 (crypto equivalent). Non-invasive security scan of your internet facing systems and users. Sample report and more details available upon request (email for more info).
Location: Web Based
Payments: Cryptocurrency (XMR, DCR, LTC or BTC but others may be accepted upon request)
Category: Internet Services

JG Virtual Office & Creative Services
Providing: Back end office/administrative support, professional writing, proofreading & editing, business letters, forms, spreadsheets, marketing and promotional content creation: slideshow presentations, press releases, blog posts, graphic and web page design, e-newsletters, virtual customer service and sales support, project management, data entry and cleanups. Highly organized and detail oriented with 20+ years of experience.
Contact: Email
Location: Web Based - East Coast, United States
Payments: Crypto (preferred), Barter, Cash, Other-can be discussed
Category: Internet Services / Clerical / Marketing and Promotional Services / Writing and Research

Providing: Marketing and Consulting, Technology Support, Computers, Web app/website development, Desktop applications, Sql server databases and database management systems
Contact: Email
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Information Technology Services / Internet Services / Software

Robo UNTRACKER -Stop contact tracing
Providing: The Robo UNTRACKER creates RANDOM, UNTRACKABLE, UNTRACEABLE, ANONYMOUS and totally UNIDENTIFIABLE data packets on the internet.
Location: Web Based
Payments: Bitcoin
Category: Internet Services

Providing: ShofarNexus is focused on being able to communicate clearly, privately, and uncensored.
Location: Web Based from Tennessee, United States
Shipping: Download
Payments: Free
Category: Internet Services / Software

Virtual Assistant Focus
Providing: Creative Virtual Assistant service from classic secretarial, graphic design, webdesign and much more. Work on projects or provide daily support on an hourly basis, packages provided for retainers. For more info and rates please check out my website.
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands - Web Based
Payments: XMR/BTC/XRP
Category: Internet Services