Fabrication and Modeling

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Providing: Engineering, design, prototyping, and production of quality, functional 3D-printed parts and assemblies.
Contact: email: yosefvbenyamin@pm.me
     Telegram: @triple_s_327
Location: Connecticut, United States and Web Based
Shipping: Free domestic shipping; global available, quoted with purchase price.
Payments: BTC and ADA preferred.
Category: Fabrication and Modeling

BlackRose Fabrication and Design
Providing: Custom welding, machining, plasma cuts and fabrication.
Contact: facebook.com/BlackRose-Fabrication-Design-100853018858156/
     Email blackrosefabrications@gmail.com
Location: Web Based and Tonasket, Washington, United States
Shipping: Can ship across USA. Contact for International orders.
Payments: Crypto, cash, barter
Category: Fabrication and Modeling

The Primitive Fox
Providing: Virtual Design Construction, 3D Modeling and General CAD services. Specializing in alternative construction methods and project planning there is no project too big or small. Be sure to browse all of the services provided on the website and when you're ready, get yourself a free quote!
Contact: ThePrimitiveFox.com/contact/
     Email garrett@theprimitivefox.com
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Any made-to-order products will be shipped from Maryland, United States
Payments: Current cryptocurrencies accepted are BTC, ETH and ARRR, with more options being added regularly. Precious metals and other barter available (and encouraged) upon request. Cash, while not preferred, can be accepted.
Category: Construction and Demolition / Fabrication and Modeling

Props and Prototypes, a full time hobbyist
Providing: Fabrication as well as 3D design and modeling, I can offer drafting and as-built drawings but also work hands-on in many mediums utilizing everything from hand tools to 3D printers and computer controlled (CNC) machines of various types in the development of your product. I have broad experience in movie props, sets, costumes, theme park and retail environments. If your looking to create a custom or unique product and don't know where to start or maybe your ready for production but need skilled labor to get it done, I'd love to help if I can, don't hesitate to reach out.
Contact: instagram.com/fulltimehobbyist/
     Email Ryan@ryandesigns.com
Location: Web Based
Shipping: Shipping from Southern California, United States
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Crafts and Supplies / Art / Fabrication and Modeling

S R Fabrications
Providing: Custom metal fabrication and welding/repair, woodworking, 3d printing
Contact: SRFabrications.com
Location: Web-based, located in northeastern Illinois , United States
Shipping: shipping from Manhattan, Illinois, local pickup also available
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter/trade, whatever non-bank method
Category: Fabrication and Modeling