Information Technology Services

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The Art of Diesel Phone Flashing Service
Providing: Service to flash compatible phones to /e/, LineageOS, Graphene in southwest Ohio. This process will de-Google your phone, increasing privacy and removing Android's contact tracing.
Location: Morrow, Ohio, USA
Shipping: Check with me to ensure you have a compatible phone, then you come to me and we do this in-person, face-to-face. I will not do these services remotely.
Payments: BitCoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, or Zen Cash
Category: Electronics / Information Technology Services

Cyber Techs Remote Computer Support
Providing: Remote computer support to where ever you are located, as long as you have an internet connection. I am efficient in working with Linux, Windows and MAC operating systems and can assist in application support, computer tune ups and crypto currency wallet setups.
Contact: Email
     Skype: Cyber Techs
     To schedule a request for service, book a time slot on
Location: Web Based
Payments: BitCoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies accepted.
Category: Information Technology Services

Deacon Mosley - IT Specialist
Providing: Broad skill set spanning most IT disciplines - Managed IT, Sys Admin, DBA Services
     Call/Text 918-804-9810
Location: Tulsa, OK, USA - Can provide remote services outside of area
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, money order, barter
Category: Information Technology Services

Decentralization Services by The Unweb Developer
Providing: Installation and support services for many decentralization solutions, including PeerTube, Gradient Server, Mail-In-A-Box, Mastodon, and many others.
Location: Global, web based.
Payments: Crypto – Contact for details.
Category: Information Technology Services

Dynamics 365 Consulting
Providing: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, NAV, CRM, CE, PSA consulting.
Contact: Email
Location: Web Based, Central Time (US)
Payments: Any of the major Cryptos (esp. XMR, ZCASH, DASH, LTC, BTC), silver, cash, money order, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Information Technology Services

Providing: Marketing and Consulting, Technology Support, Computers, Web app/website development, Desktop applications, Sql server databases and database management systems
Contact: Email
Location: Web Based
Payments: Crypto, silver, cash, barter and/or whatever non-bank method
Category: Information Technology Services / Internet Services / Software

Providing: Technology Support, Computers, Smart Home, WiFi, Networks
Location: Olympia, Washington, United States
Shipping: Ships from Olympia, Washington, United States
Payments: Crypto, cash, money order, barter
Category: Information Technology Services

The One Revolution Initiative [TORI]
Providing: TORI is an entire ecosystem of 250+ team members who have specialized in almost every "essential" career sector you can think of. Everything you've researched about the state of humanity is real! We are here to initiate real solutions in real time!
Items offered: Privacy Consultations (how to disappear online and go incognito),
Cryptocurrency Consultations (how to invest and preserve your wealth in crypto),
End of the World Preparation Consultations (how to opt-out of governance, make the transition to intentional community building and become 100% self-reliant),
Information Technology Consultations (website hosting, source code to make your own vpn, learn how to code *python, arduino, raspberry pi*, how to build a privacy earthship),
Other Services (we help people find their tribe, mental health hotline services, and more).
Contact: Please put the category of the item you are requesting in the subject line of the email exactly how it is listed here. Our team gets a lot of emails to this server. Please, this helps us know which person to send your case to. Thank you.
Location: Web Based from United States
Payments: Cryptocurrencies, Silver, Gold, Cash, Money Order, Barter, Gift, And/Or Whatever Non-Bank Method
Category: Other Services / Information Technology / CryptoCurrencies and Precious Metals / Teaching and Tutoring

Wolfpack Cooperative
Providing: IT and Software Development services, including:
     Game development (Unity Engine)
     Web app/website development
     Desktop applications
     Sql server databases and database management systems
Contact: Telegram
Location: Web Based
Payments: BTC, ETH and other crypto
Category: Information Technology Services, Software