Support Ross Ulbricht
He is condemned to die in prison for creating an e-commerce website called Silk Road

Mirror site on Qortal at

Let's all withdraw our financial support from the corporations who feed the banksters and politicians. Buy from the wide selection of sellers accepting non-bank payments here. Support the counter-economy, help it grow, starve the beast and then keep doing it. Enjoy that good feeling of taking real action against tyranny.

Seller Business Listings Are Free
Encourage more freedom lovers to join us.
This is the economic future
which will persist after fiat money collapses. Get ahead of the curve for your financial safety, self-sufficiency and, most importantly, FREEDOM!!

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This site is a simple and effective service for the Agora, connecting counter-economy buyers with sellers accepting various forms of payment outside the banking system.

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Business listings are free for Agorist / Counter-Economy sellers accepting payment methods outside the banking system and not violating the NAP. This service is for those continuously selling, not individual items. Persistent broken links reported and no other method of contacting the seller will be removed, so it doesn't get cluttered with dead links.

Agorism respects the NAP (non-aggression principle).  If a seller violates the NAP, please gather the evidence supporting your case and email it. Proven violators will be removed.

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